Special Education Welcome Letter

Preschool Children with Special Education Needs
The Tuckahoe Schools, in compliance with federal law, maintain a census of all children with special needs in the district. The district is especially interested in locating preschool children who may require planning for special education services. The parent or the guardian of a child who is likely to require special educational planning should contact the Office of Special Education at 914-337-6600, ext. 1226 

Special Education Services
The Tuckahoe School District is dedicated to educating all special education students in the least restrictive environment. If appropriate programming is not available within the school district, a BOCES special class or placement within another public school district or private school will be explored. Each special education child, ages 3 through 21, has the right to a free, appropriate education. Requests for special education evaluation can be made to the Committee on Special Education by school personnel, parents, students 18 years or older, or outside agencies. Parents are continuously involved in the evaluation and placement process, and students are placed in special education by the due process procedures required by state and federal regulations.    

 Referral Committees

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