TMS GO Re-launches Anew

Tuckahoe Middle School GO Re-launches Anew

Earlier this school year, students who joined the Tuckahoe Middle School Government Organization decided to take a fresh look at the structure of their student body leadership. With guidance from Advisor Mariella Ferguson and Principal Gregory Stiefel, the students assessed the existing model, evaluated the elements of a governing organization, and decided to refine their own organization. The group of 22 students then got to work defining vision and mission statements, outlining committees, rights and responsibilities and bylaws, as well as crafting a student survey.

The TMS GO is now comprised of four committees including: Legislative; Arts, Recreation & Events; Environmental; Public Relations. The committees are currently hard at work analyzing survey results and developing plans for the year. One of the group’s first initiatives was a Spirit Week in February. In the works for this year are a TMS Fun Night spearheaded by the Arts, Recreation & Events Committee as well as a newsletter by the Public Relations Committee. The Environmental Committee is  exploring a significant new environmental initiative for the future. A Take Action Committee is also slated for the future as well. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Tuckahoe Middle School G.O. is to improve the overall atmosphere of our school through the communication of ideas between students, teachers, and administrators. The Tuckahoe Middle School G.O. will actively seek out opinions, feedback, and suggestions from the members of its student body in order to provide a school where students thrive, grow and feel a sense of mutual respect.

Vision Statement

We envision the Tuckahoe Middle School as a place where every student feels they have a voice, is valued and accepted. We wish to foster a progressive environment in collaboration with teachers and administrators that is positive, fun, healthy, and productive. All students should feel they have a right to pursue their personal goals while respecting and supporting those of their peers.