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2023 Proposed Capital Project


Dear Tuckahoe Schools Community: 

On Monday, December 12th, the Trustees of the Board of Education discussed a proposal from our Facilities Committee to launch a new Capital Project to redesign the Cottle cafeteria and improve our HVAC systems. These and other infrastructure improvements were a part of recommendations put forth in our recent building condition survey. 

Due to unprecedented inflation and supply chain issues, the bids for the HVAC work and the addition and alterations to the Cottle cafeteria were not able to be completed as part of the previous project. Despite this setback to our original scope, several key components of the 2021 project are either complete or nearing completion. These include:

  • New William E. Cottle Field, a broad, turf-based playing space for recess, athletics, and community use;
  • William E. Cottle Playground and Siwanoy Boulevard Improvements, providing additional playing space in a safe, engaging enclosure for our Cottle Cubs and community;
  • Redesign of the MS/HS Library, with open learning spaces, breakout rooms for student collaboration, and state-of-the-art AV equipment and learning furniture; and 
  • Renovation of the MS/HS Cafeteria, including new eating spaces, display boards, and modern furniture and design.

We are proud of what we were able to accomplish. Building on this momentum, we worked with community and Board members on our Facilities Committee to develop a proposal we will present at the next meeting of the Board of Education. This proposal will be put before voters in February of 2023:

William E. Cottle School: 

  • Upgrades and improvements to our cafeteria at William E. Cottle Elementary School
  • HVAC work will provide upgrades to ventilation and air quality for student/staff health and wellness
  • New funding for critical infrastructure work that has surfaced in the past few years, including security upgrades such as new cameras and doors. 

The additional funding for the Cottle scope listed above is approximately $3,450,000. The proposed improvements at the William E. Cottle cafeteria have been re-designed to lower the proposed cost of this project element. The Facilities Committee, including building administrators, supports this redesign and agree that it will meet the school’s needs.

Tuckahoe Middle/High School:

  • Additional funding to complete the work that could not be completed as part of the previous project. This includes HVAC work in the older part of the building and some masonry restoration work. The HVAC work will provide upgrades to ventilation and air quality for student/staff health and wellness. 
  • Partial roof replacement and related masonry repair,
  • Replacement of all steam piping and traps in the pipe tunnels,
  • Additional masonry restoration,
  • Replacement of all steam traps above the pipe tunnels,
  • Repair leaking plumbing piping, and
  • Security upgrades, including replacing the entire PA/intercom/bell & clock system. 

The new funding for Tuckahoe Middle/High School totals $5,800,000. This component of the project addresses major infrastructure needs and will preserve the longevity of our assets and facilities. These investments aim to maintain a state of good repair in our buildings and modernize our assets. The District does ongoing, routine maintenance work every year. The proposed work is not considered “routine maintenance,” but, instead, it is composed of projects that fall outside the definition of routine maintenance. Replacing these big-ticket items that are approaching or are at the end of their useful lives through the bond will avoid costly, emergency action in the future, achieve economies of scale and minimize disruption to the students. Investment in school facilities is effective not only in achieving its primary goal of improving health and safety but also in inducing secondary effects such as heightened academic performance. A quality educational environment can have a positive influence on the attitudes and behaviors of both students and teachers.

The replacement of interior lighting will be included at both schools to the extent that the budget will allow. 

Our historic buildings require updates, and our learning spaces need to be redesigned to keep pace with the progress we make toward our strategic plan goals. The total proposed funding request is for $9,250,000. $750,000 of that amount will be requested to be taken from the capital reserve fund established by the Board for this purpose.

Please view our meeting online below.  I thank the Facilities Committee, School Board Trustees, and building leadership for their hard work, and I extend my appreciation to the Tuckahoe Schools community for their unwavering support. 



Dr. Amy Goodman
Superintendent of Schools

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Communication Timeline

December 12, 2023 Board of Education Meeting
The Capital Project is presented and the proposal is adopted by the Board of Education.
January 3, 2023 Board of Education Special Meeting and Workshop
Dr. Goodman and Ms. Sparks provide a comprehensive facilities update and overview of the proposed Capital Project. 
January 6, 2023 Podcast: Laying the Groundwork for Success
A podcast featuring Dr. Goodman's overview of the 2021 Capital Project and the proposed 2023 Capital Project.
January 12, 2023 Principal's Coffee: William E. Cottle Elementary School
Dr. Goodman joins Principal's Coffees at 9:30 am in the Cottle Cafeteria and at 7:00 PM via Zoom. 
January 19, 2023 A TUFSD Town Hall on the Proposed Capital Project (Virtual)
Representatives of the School Board and Facilities Committee will join Dr. Goodman and Ms. Sparks for a Town Hall on the Proposed Capital Project. 
January 25, 2023 Principal's Coffee: Tuckahoe Middle and High School
Dr. Goodman joins Principal's Coffees in-person and via zoom. 
February 7, 2023 PTA Executive Counsel
Dr. Goodman joins the PTA Executive Counsel to share details about the Proposed Capital Project. 
February 13, 2023 A TUFSD Town Hall on the Proposed Capital Project (In-Person)
Representatives of the School Board and Facilities Committee will join Dr. Goodman and Ms. Sparks for a Town Hall on the Proposed Capital Project. 
February 15, 2023 VOTE!