The Tuckahoe Union Free School District considers the home-school partnership a critical element in our students' success. Research has shown that a strong home-school partnership can boost a student's academic and behavioral performance in school. Together, we can positively impact a student's educational experience and provide a basis for lifelong learning as we work to fulfill the district's mission "Preparing Every Student for Excellence."

 Consistent communication is a key aspect of this partnership. As a district, we make a concerted effort to keep you apprised of happenings within the district including safety related precautions or incidents, large-scale projects, significant changes to curriculum/staff/procedures, budget/election information, and district-wide events.

 At the school level, parents are encouraged to utilize our consistently updated paperless communications systems as conduits of information. In addition to weekly e-newsletter updates, our principals also often send group emails regarding upcoming events and building-specific programs.  School events, such as back-to-school night, concerts, and informational nights, are also valuable opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education.

Our teachers maintain up-to-date websites containing classroom/course information such as student expectations, classroom/homework policies, assignment information and resources; all of which enable parents to support learning at home. Additionally, at the middle and high school, the Parent Portal provides insight into a student’s progress on a timely basis. Parents are also encouraged to participate in parent-teacher conferences and reach out to their child’s school main office or teachers with questions.

 What else can you do?

 -Keep your contact info updated

-Volunteer when classroom opportunities arise, through the Parent-Teacher Association or the Tuckahoe School Foundation

-Attend school events