The Tuckahoe Board of Education's primary responsibilities are to establish policies for the educational program and the management of the school district. The Superintendent and the administration are responsible for the execution of these policies.

The Superintendent is the district's, Chief Executive Officer. The Superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school district, implementation of the educational programs and policies adopted by the Board, and the execution of all decisions made by the Board concerning the internal operations of the school system.

 Some of the responsibilities of the Board of Education include:

  • Hiring and evaluating the Superintendent
  • Establishing goals and planning the district’s future
  • Reviewing and supporting the instructional program
  • Approving and monitoring the budget
  • Ratifying collective bargaining agreements
  • Establishing and maintaining effective community engagement
  • Hearing appeals related to policies

TUFSD Board of Ed Roles and Responsibilities

TUFSD Board of Ed Operating Protocols

Monthly Board Meetings are generally held on the third Monday evening of the month, with the public session beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the Tuckahoe High School/Middle School Library.  Please consult the district e-calendar for the most up to date meeting dates/times.

Tuckahoe’s Board of Education is comprised of five school district residents who are elected by voters to three-year terms each spring, in the annual election. Terms are staggered so that one or two members are elected each year. Board members attend at least two public meetings each month along with committee meetings and various school-related activities. At the annual organizational meeting in July, the Board elects a president and vice-president.

Peter A. Casson, President (term 2023-2026)

Laura M. Benke, Vice President (term 2022-2025)

Therese C. Gardere, Trustee (term 2022-2025)

Cynthia B. Tait, Trustee (term 2021-2024)

Scott Bogetti, Trustee (term 2023-2026)

All Board members encourage open communication and invite you to contact them. Please note, however, that issues should be addressed first through the appropriate chain of command ( TUFSD Communication Protocol Chart ). Any general questions pertaining to meetings, schedules, agendas, and minutes can be addressed to the District Clerk,


The Board of Education has several ongoing community advisory committees. These committees meet throughout the school year to discuss important educational issues. If you are interested in becoming a member of a committee, please contact the district clerk at 337-6600, ext. 1251. 

Board Advisory Committees 2023-24