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No = 193

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Cynthia Tait = 561



Dear Tuckahoe Schools Community:

At this week’s Board of Education workshop, we recognized the efforts of different groups that helped this year to be successful - those who helped Tuckahoe lead the way with positivity and growth. 

We honored our Tuckahoe teachers, who were driven by devotion to their students and commitment to their craft. Formal and informal observations showcased the flexibility and responsiveness of our talented teaching staff. They navigated changes, braced themselves through uncertainty, and helped out students to thrive. 

We thanked our Building Leaders, fully aware of the sacrifices they made this year. This included the nights and weekends they spent planning and contact tracing, and the hours they spent preparing for change after change. We appreciate their positive leadership in making this year shine in spite of a crisis.

We shared our gratitude to the Civil Service Employee Associations for their hard work, flexibility, care, and dedication. This includes our custodians who deep cleaned, the teacher aides and TAs who oversaw classrooms, administrative assistants who organized new procedures, and our diligent business office who ensured we had the funds and supplies needed to reopen. 

The Health and Wellness Committee was honored. We relied heavily on them throughout the year. Whether it was helping us sift through scientific data or ensuring the safety of our schools, the group came together at a moment’s notice when a quick decision was needed due to changing circumstances.

Our district physician, Dr. Caligaris, and our school nurses held key positions in setting the health direction for our reopening efforts. They were our medical anchors, helping us decipher research with a calm and steady lens. They helped us navigate the guidelines so that we never overreacted. They helped us stay open while ensuring the safety of our schools. 

We are deeply appreciative of the Tuckahoe PTA. Throughout the year, they provided students support and a sense of normalcy. They ensured events took place whether in-person or remote. They made this year exciting for all. We are thankful for events such as Halloween at Cottle, Building Bridges, Field Day, Career Panels and a Taste of Tuckahoe, and so many more! 

This year, our district did not shy away from opportunities to shine. We helped one another through difficult times, and we refused to let Covid-19 define us. Through collaboration we persevered. Thank you to our Board of Education, who skillfully led us through this pandemic with their service to the Tuckahoe community. Thank you to our students and the entire community for their grit and perseverance. Monday was an evening of celebration, where we also reflected on our accomplishments toward our strategic plan.  If you would like to thank any of these stakeholder groups, click here to share your appreciation on Facebook. 

Looking ahead, we continue to respond to the impact of the pandemic on our schools. We know that this effort will take place over the next few years, and that there will be no quick fixes. We are grateful for additional funding to help us address learning loss and develop programs to support the enrichment of our students eager for additional challenges. We are inviting stakeholder feedback through the form of a survey. Click here to access more information, and click here to access the survey. We welcome your input as we develop our plans!

We have learned a lot this past year, and look forward to continuing to lead the way in the years ahead! Tuckahoe is in this together, and we appreciate your partnership. 


Dr. Amy Goodman
Superintendent of Schools


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  • Board Candidate Petition Results

    The Board Candidate Petition process is compelte for the one (1) open seat for the Board of Education. 

    Cynthia Tait was the only person to submit a nominating petition and therefore, is the only person nominated for the open seat. This will be reflected on the May 18th official ballot.



    Robyn Dunn, District Clerk

  • Child Care for Essential Workers

    The Office of Children and Family Services and the Cuomo Administration have developed a plan to provide child care to essential workers at no or reduced costs to the worker. Please click here to view the application and eligibility requirements. To access the form in Spanish, please clear here.  


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