Dear Tuckahoe School Community:

We are less than a month away from February 15th, when the community will be asked to come out to the polls for a vote on a bond referendum to fund our 2023 Proposed Capital Project. This project includes a renovation and modernization of the Cottle Cafeteria; much-needed infrastructure repairs in the middle/high school building so that broken and deteriorated pipes and areas of the tunnel are fixed/replaced and partial roof replacements to ensure students/teachers have well-functioning heat and will no longer be assigned to classes because of leaks. New air conditioning and ventilation will be installed in all three schools to match the new wing air exchange systems for the health and wellness of the staff and students. 

There are a number of ways you can learn more about this project. We have hosted a series of meetings, workshops, and coffees. Click here for a podcast detailing the full story of our recent facilities work and where the proposed capital project fits in. Click here for a recording of our recent virtual Town Hall with representatives from the Facilities Committee (including Board members, our business facilities manager, and contractors), where we took questions from our community members. 

Again the vote takes place on February 15, 2023. Please note, this February vote date is unique as it falls early in the school year and on a Wednesday. The timing of this vote was to take advantage of state approvals that we have already received for the construction of the Cottle Cafeteria, so we can expedite the project to do the majority of the work this summer.

Soon, a mailer will be sent to all residents in the Tuckahoe community. On our capital project website, we have links to more information and a communication timeline. Thank you for all your support so that Tuckahoe can continue to lead the way!



Dr. Amy Goodman




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