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As we approach the end of another eventful week, I'm excited to highlight several key events and transitions within our district. We recently welcomed our rising sixth graders to the middle school with our annual Buddy Day, where they met their future teachers, administrators, and peers. This initiative helps smooth their transition and builds a sense of community from the start.

Our eighth graders were celebrated for their academic achievements, and new Junior National Honor Society members were welcomed, recognizing their commitment to excellence and service. As the fourth quarter closed, we awarded scholarships to deserving seniors, supporting their next educational steps. Additionally, our Cottle performers delighted audiences with their enchanting production of "Matilda"—a performance not to be missed.

We are preparing for next week’s moving up and commencement ceremonies, which are significant milestones in our students' academic journeys. These events are a time to celebrate their accomplishments and the bright futures ahead. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend as we anticipate these memorable ceremonies. Thank you for your continued support and engagement.


  • TMS Graduation

    Tuckahoe Union Free School District
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation

    Tuckahoe Middle School
  • Early Dismissal @ 11:00 am

    William E Cottle School
  • WEC Report Cards Accessible on Parents Portal

    William E Cottle School
  • Last Day of School 9:30 am Dismissal Time

    William E Cottle School
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