The development of the school budget begins in the fall with the formulation of goals and objectives by the Board of Education. These goals provide parameters for the instructional staff that determine classroom needs for the following year. The superintendent consolidates their requests, making careful judgment about whether they support the goals of the district and are fiscally responsible. The superintendent also seeks input from parents and members of the community.

By March, the superintendent will present a draft budget to the Board of Education. At public study sessions, the Board of Education shapes a final spending plan which will ensure a high quality educational program for Tuckahoe students while recognizing the financial needs of the taxpayer. The final budget is submitted to the community for its approval in May.

Community residents are urged to attend budget study sessions and share their ideas and concerns with the Board of Education and the administration. Information about the proposed budget is distributed through mailings to the residents. Board of Education elections take place at the same time as the budget vote. Candidates seeking election must file petitions 30 days prior to the vote (available at the office of the District Clerk). The district strives to provide residents with budget information both in draft and final form:

  • All budget meetings will be televised on Cable TV Channel 77.
  • Videotaped copies of the budget meetings will be made available to the public, upon request.
  • Copies of the draft and final budget may be obtained from the Business Office, 65 Siwanoy Boulevard, Eastchester, NY.
  • Information on the budget, budget meetings, and the adopted budget will be mailed to all residents.

For more information about the budget, call the district Business Official at 914-337-6600 x1263. For information about school board elections or voting, call the district clerk at 914-337-6600, ext. 1251.