Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) - Education Law §3012-d

On April 13, 2015, the Governor signed Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2015 to add a new Education Law §3012-d to establish a new evaluation system for classroom teachers and building principals.  The new law requires teachers and principals to be evaluated based on two categories: the Student Performance Category and the Observation/School Visit Category.  Under the new law, New York State continues to differentiate teacher and principal effectiveness using four rating categories – Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, and Ineffective.  Education Law §3012-d requires APPRs to result in a single composite teacher or principal effectiveness rating that incorporates multiple measures of effectiveness.

As in the past, the results of the evaluation shall be a significant factor in employment decisions, including but not limited to promotion, retention, tenure determination, termination, and supplemental compensation, as well as teacher and principal professional development (including coaching, induction support, and differentiated professional development).   


TUFSD APPR Plan 2016 

Request for Teacher APPR Scores  

Request for Teacher or Principal Overall Composite Score and Effectiveness