Cottle Book Fair Brings out the Fun and Joy of Reading

Second-grade students at William E. Cottle School could not contain their excitement when they arrived at the auditorium to peruse the shelves of the Scholastic Book Fair.

“I’m totally getting this book,” announced an enthusiastic child.

“Whoa, this is so cool,” another exclaimed as he looked over the selection.

With the help of PTA volunteers, the fair was held from Oct. 15 to 18 and included books for students in all grades. Shelves were brimming with paperbacks and hardcovers, arranged by reading level.

“I like coming to the fair because it’s fun to read,” said second-grader Meadow as she held a stack of books in her arms.

The hallway outside of the auditorium was converted into a mini-shop, featuring several shelves of books. The space became crowded as each class was lead to the fair to look through the book selection and select a few titles, if they wished. A popular title at this year’s book fair was “Resistance” by Jennifer Nielsen. It is a historical, fictional tale about a teenage girl who is determined to make a difference and save lives.

“I really like Minecraft books,” said fellow second-grader Jack. “It allows you to make a lot of stuff with your imagination.”

Proceeds from the book fair go toward the school’s library, which uses the money to purchase additional library books. It also funds literacy-related activities, like hosting Skype sessions with authors and the school’s Community Read, where everyone reads the same kindness-based book during Kindness Week.

“The children love looking through the choices and finding things that they are familiar with, as well as some items that surprise them,” said parent-volunteer Sarah Condron, who manned the cash register on Oct. 18.

The book fair was the ideal way for Cottle School students, staff and PTA members to celebrate October’s National Book Month.