Tuckahoe HS Launches New Architecture Elective

Students in Mr. Pappas's new Architecture elective used drafting tools to sketch their master suite designs during a recent class. With design parameters outlined in the assignment, Mr. Pappas guided the class through the basic elements and considerations involved in the drafting process including standard sizes, abbreviations, and symbols. Following this sketch practice, students will convert their designs digitally on ipads using AutoCad.

In this hands-on course, students learn the design of any built environment, from town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture to commercial and residential structures. They are introduced to technical knowledge in the areas of engineering, logistics, geometry, strength of materials, functional design and ergonomics, as well as architectural theory.  With materials made possible by a Tuckahoe School Foundation grant, this knowledge is then put in to practice through hand-drawn and computer-plotted drawings which create sets of working plans for student-created structures relevant to today’s architecture. Students will also learn how to create scaled models of a structure using tools and balsa wood along with working blueprints.