Tuckahoe MS Diversity Club Kicks Off Another Year!

On October 18, Tuckahoe Middle School's 7th- and 8th-grade Diversity Club members welcomed 6th-graders by introducing themselves to the new middle schoolers during their lunch period. Coinciding with Bullying Prevention Month, the activity provides 6th graders with familiar faces and a warm, friendly atmosphere as they become acclimated to their new school. 
In a larger endeavor to foster friendships and collegiality, the club participated in National Mix It Up Day on October 22. The initiative encouraged Tuckahoe Middle School students to meet new people by sitting somewhere new at lunch. Upon entering the cafeteria, students encountered tables decorated with signs indicating various areas of interest including sports, gaming, baking, literature and STEM. Middle school students were encouraged to sit at a table that peaked their interest while Diversity Club members distributed buttons, book marks and bracelets as a way to further spark conversation.