Tuckahoe High School Graduates Urged to Live Meaningful Lives

It may have rained the morning of June 21 but by evening the sun had come out, just in time for Tuckahoe High School’s annual commencement ceremonies celebrating the graduation of 72 seniors.

THS Principal Dr. Bart Linehan encouraged the graduating class, seated on the steps of the 90-year-old historic building, to make their choices and decisions based on the values of their parents and the skills shared with them by their teachers.

“Think critically and behave positively. Finally, learn to take calculated risks. Be sure to lead the life you were meant to,” he said.

Prior to Dr. Linehan’s address, the Tuckahoe High School Select Chorus performed the Miley Cyrus hit “The Climb.”

The National Anthem was performed by graduating senior Eric Murphy.

Salutatorian Vito Marcoccia recalled the happy times spent at Tuckahoe High, from “signing shirts at Field Day, ripping sleeves off at Color Wars, attempting to pull an all-nighter on the Boston trip….laughing with each other and laughing at each other.”

He was confident, however, that the Class of 2018 could “be anything and do anything.”

The ceremony was also an opportunity to honor graduates from the Classes of 1958 and 1968, some of whom were attending the graduation. They included former county legislator, Eastchester councilman and Tuckahoe Village trustee Vito Pinto.

As is customary each year, the students paid tribute to their parents and then presented them with long-stemmed roses as a token of their gratitude.

Class advisors Rita Gentile and Antoinette Martino also spoke, praising the Class of 2018 for “collectively sharing a common bond of character and integrity,” said Mrs. Martino.

In her valedictory address, Jessica Berger recalled their journey from freshmen to high school graduates, citing the group’s accolades and their struggles, too.

“Class of ‘18, I hope that we continue to immerse ourselves in our various studies and extracurriculars in order to become well-rounded and positive citizens. Our generation has already begun to change the world, and I know that we’ve all contributed to the progress being made around us.”

Superintendent Carl Albano congratulated the class for their various acts of service, among other notable achievements.

“In the same way that you have made Tuckahoe Schools a better place to learn and grow, it is my hope that you will carry the same spirit of participation and contribution with you as you embark on your exciting journey ahead,” he noted.

“Figure out what truly inspires you in life and then passionately pursue it,” he advised them. “Aim high, work hard and don’t be scared to fail because great success usually requires some failures along the way. Now it is time for you to take all that you have learned here, make the most of your talents and create a life that truly matters.”