Tuckahoe Middle School Community Read

On Friday, Sept. 28, Tuckahoe Middle School students assembled to discuss TMS’s second community read. After reading the novel "Pax" by Sarah Pennypacker over the summer, students in grades 6-8 met in small mixed-grade groups to step inside the minds of the main characters and explore various literary elements. Led by several faculty members, conversations focused on making connections, sharing opinions and providing insights about characters, setting, and conflict. Students were also given the opportunity to share a meaningful quote from the text that left an impact on them.

This program represents a shift by middle school administrators, ELA teachers and the librarian from what was formerly the middle school summer reading program to a common summer read. It is a way to build community and have conversations around a common text. In wrapping up the first month of school, the community read discussions provided a celebration of learning through reading.