The Tuckahoe Union Free School District prides itself in welcoming parent participation and involvement. Our teachers and principals communicate often to keep parents informed of school events and procedures. Since our primary concern is the well-being and education of our students, the TUFSD staff is committed to open, honest communication with parents.

Despite our very best efforts, questions and concerns do arise. When parents have a question concerning a classroom situation, their first contact should be with the classroom teacher, since the teacher is likely the closest to the question or concern and is most able to resolve it quickly and effectively. The District expects all school employees to respond to non-emergency inquiries within 24 hours. To ensure the success of our students, we recommend that the following five steps be followed when a question or concern arises:

  1. A student should go to the teacher first with their questions, concerns, or comments unless it is a building-wide or system-wide concern.
  2. Parents should go to the teacher with their questions, concerns, or comments.
  3. The teacher will follow up with the parent on the resolution of questions, concerns, or comments.
  4. If questions or concerns continue, the parent may choose to contact the principal. The principal may be able to resolve the issue or offer to set up a meeting with the concerned parties.
  5. The teacher, parent, and principal will follow up on resolution of questions or concerns.

TUFSD Communication Protocol Chart

Please see Series 1000 of the Board of Education Policy Manual for additional guidelines on communicating within the district.  Additional Contact Information: (914) 337-6600 ext. 1251.