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The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is non-profit organization comprised of a membership from our community.  We share the common goal of enriching our children’s lives.  Anyone in our community may be a member, as well as volunteer to achieve this goal--we welcome all levels of volunteerism.  Our organization is led by our Executive Board, which is comprised of Committees that spearhead the over 70 programs and events that PTA brings into the District each school year.  Any money raised, through our Ways and Means Committee and with your membership fees, goes directly back into our school community to fund these and other programs, as well as to provide support and resources throughout the year.

Our PTA Events can be found on the Tuckahoe UFSD Calendar or as a member, you may visit our central Calendar at this link:  https://tuckahoepta.memberhub.com/calendar/

Become a Member Today!

Become a PTA member and help us continue to support the children in Tuckahoe. Your membership is a low cost, no time commitment way to support the PTA.   You can pay your membership fee directly to PTA through this link:  https://tuckahoepta.memberhub.store/

Want to Do More?

If you have an interest in being involved in an upcoming event, or have ideas for other events or programs, our Executive Board is ready to hear from you!  Check out the names of our Committees and contact a Co-Chair directly with your input and feedback.https://schoolbee.com/tuckahoe/organization/tuckahoe-pta/

Tuckahoe PTA Executive Board Contact List 2019-2020

    Email PTA email
Executive Committee      
President Tara Zegers tfappiano@aol.com  
Vice President Donna Martuge drdonnamartuge@gmail.com  
Treasurer Jennifer Snyder jensnyda@gmail.com tuck.treasurer@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Danielle DiCuio ddicuio514@gmail.com  
Corresponding Secretary Amy Shaw amy.herrion@gmail.com  
Communications Committee      
Co-Chair Annmarie Biggs b1gst3rs@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Natasha Zloccowick Nzloccowick@gmail.com  
Community & School Relations Committee      
Co-Chair Caroline Inello Cinello@optonline.net  
Co-Chair Anja Vacca vaccarella@optonline.net  
Community Service Committee      
Co-Chair Alison McCormack alimac309@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Lisa Gerken lisagerken@msn.com  
Cottle Committee      
Co-Chair Cathleen Carney carneycathleen@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Louise Tai louise.tai@hotmail.com  
Cultural Arts Committee      
Co-Chair Aimee Connolly aimeeconnolly001@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Susan Miele susanmiele@hotmail.com  
Dance Committee      
Co-Chair Dawn Attwood dawnjasonattwood@gmail.com Tuckahoeptadance@gmail.com
Co-Chair Michele Fret Mitchford@optonline.net tuckahoeptadance@gmail.com
Health and Safety Committee      
Co-Chair Sarah Condron sarah.condron@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Shea Scanlon Lomma scscanlonlomma@gmail.com  
High School Committee      
Co-Chair Josephine Mazzuoccolo jmazzuoccolo@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Carmen Rivera mifamilia95@optonline.net  
Hospitality Committee      
Co-Chair Tracy Devitt twdslp@aol.com  
Co-Chair Cynthia Roberto cbnyc@yahoo.com  
Math & Science Committee      
Co-Chair Mary Faughnan mary_doheny@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Nathan Jackman nathan.jackman@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Michele Wolf mishb3@gmail.com  
Membership Committee      
Co-Chair Colleen Staunton colleen.staunton@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Francesca Goldberg mrsg1111@gmail.com  
Middle School Committee      
Co-Chair Joyce Arana renjoy2001@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Viyan Handy viyan_s@hotmail.com  
Parents as Reading Partners Committee      
Co-Chair Suzie Carpenter sbezada@aol.com  
Co-Chair Marisa Jaffe mhj234@yahoo.com   
Programs Committee      
Co-Chair Alyson Bamford abamford928@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Dina Manginelli dbella22@msn.com  
Room Representatives Committee      
Co-Chair Margie McGlone margiemcglone@gmail.com tuckahoeclassparents@gmail.com
Co-Chair Sarah Mironchuk smironchuk@mac.com tuckahoeclassparents@gmail.com
Scholarship Committee      
Co-Chair Christine McCrink mccrink1@verizon.net  
Co-Chair Dot McCann dmccann@xsmail.com  
Student Support Committee      
Co-Chair Michele Fret mitchford@optonline.net tuckahoe.septa@gmail.com
Co-Chair Maggie Duffy maggiedonaghy@icloud.com  
Ways & Means Committee      
Co-Chair Peggy Angello peggyangello32@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Karen Kelly kbmkelly@me.com  
Welcoming Committee      
Co-Chair Deirdre Callahan Ladykayaker1@aol.com  
Co-Chair Allison Halloran alihalloran@gmail.com  
Executive Teachers' Committee      
High School Representative Valerie Froehlich froehlichv@tuckahoeschools.org  
Middle School Co-Representative      
Cottle School Representative Jill Quartararo quartararoj@tuckahoeschools.org  
Cottle School Representative Jacklyn Tripodi tripodij@tuckahoeschools.org  
Cottle Committee Sub-Committees      
Co-Chair Lauren Ressa Laurenressa@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Leah VanDeloo lvandeloo@svpglobal.com  
Ways & Means Sub-Committees      
Book Fairs Sarah Condron sarah.condron@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Abby Benedetti abby.benedetti@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Charla McGlynn charlamriggi@gmail.com  
Cottle Yearbook      
Co-Chair Jessica Bereck JBereck@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Adriana Goldberg sag3@optonline.net  
Co-Chair Lisa Buonaiuto luluz5382@yahoo.com  
Co-Chair Joann Colbert colbertg@yahoo.com  
Fall Fundraising      
Co-Chair Tish Muccino TMUCCINO@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Jennifer Wade jlw52508@aol.com  
School Pictures      
Co-Chair Adriana Goldberg sag3@optonline.net  
Co-Chair Melissa Kelly mooring1@gmail.com  
Spirit Clothing      
Co-Chair Toni Haugh toni.haugh@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Christina Delgado christinaddelgado@gmail.com  
Spring Social      
Co-Chair Cindy Frank cynfrank0578@hotmail.com  
Co-Chair Jennifer Friedman jfriedman129@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Gina Serino gserino333@gmail.com  
Student Support Sub-Committees: Building Bridges      
Co-Chair Alona Trinidad alonasantri@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Charlie Zegers charlie.zegers@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Jeanette Lesperence luvablenurse@gmail.com  
Cottle Sub-Committee: Halloween      
Co-Chair Lauren Ressa laurenressa@gmail.com  
Co-Chair Leah VanDeloo lvandeloo@svpglobal.com